No More Towels on the Floor

Terms & Conditions

All Towel Belt Systems are handmade in the United States.  They are all unique and the fabric pattern is slightly different on each one.  They are adjustable to accommodate varying thicknesses in towels. They come in Hand Towel size and Bath Towel size. They should fit snug to keep the towel secure on the bar.  There may be towels that are made extra thin or extra thick that might not work with The Towel Belt System- please consider this when ordering.  Please email with questions regarding size. Customers are responsible for the shipping costs if making a return. The Towel Belt will last years if used correctly and with proper care.  You may hand or machine wash, but they must be hung dry.  Towel not included with The Towel Belt System.  To prevent injury to little ones, we suggest using the oven door lock if The Towel Belt System is being used on the oven handle. Enjoy decorating your house, while keeping your towels off the floor!

The Towel Belt is patented and may not be reproduced.

All orders before July 23rd will be processed on July 24th. Thank you for your understanding!